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In 1918, Kockum, originally a shipbuilding enterprise, patented the Kockum ship whistle. With this groundbreaking development Kockum established itself as a worldwide leader in the research and development of sonic technology. In the late 1960’s Kockum initiated its first trials of sonic cleaning in Europe. The successes of those early efforts established Kockum Sonics as an international leader in industrial applications of this fascinating technology. Kockum Sonics’ Insonex® and Sonoforce® designs have proven to be exceptionally effective in cleaning boiler components such as superheaters, reheaters, convection zones and economizers.

Likewise, our cleaning systems can also be effectively utilized in environmental control system components such as post combustion DeNox systems (SCR), air preheaters, cyclones, fabric filters, electrostatic precipitators (ESP) and flu gas desulfurization systems (FGD). With their continuous online cleaning methods, these products can decrease costly shut downs resulting from particulate buildup with virtually no wear on the component being cleaned.

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